Writing Progression Wall Display (NZ Levels 1-3)


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This bright and engaging wall display is the perfect way to support your student’s retention of their writing goals!

Use the pencil pots/pencil case templates included to display your group writing progressions— simply tuck the pencils behind the group pots or display around them for easy viewing. Alternatively, you could use actual pencil pots (or pencil cases!) which then allows the children to take a pencil back with them to their table to remind them of their next learning steps.

This resource contains writing progressions that are aligned with levels 1-3 of the New Zealand Curriculum.



A selection of 10 coloured pencil pot & pencil case templates:

  • Choose one per writing group
  • These will hold the ‘progression pencils’ that you select for each group

A Selection of ‘Progression Pencils’ for each Level 1-3

  • The Pencils are colour coded and labelled for easy identification (Yellow for basic/pre level 1, Orange for level 1, Red for level 2, Purple for Level 3)
  • Each pencil contains a short and simple learning intention in black writing (15 for Pre-basic/beginning Level 1, 18 for Level 1, 19 for Level 2 & 22 for Level 3)
  • A blank version of each pencil is also included to allow you to personalise or further break down learning goals if needed.
  • This resource also contains small page overviews of the progression pencils. I suggest using these pages to plan the learning intentions for your groups. Slip the pages into your planning folder, and then simply highlight, date and scribble notes on or around the specific pencils as you work your way through the term/year.


* Have I missed a progression or learning intention that your school considers important? Let me know!


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