Athletics Day {NZ Sport Event Certificates}


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Celebrate your little sports stars with these fun, bright athletics certificates!  Please check out the preview for a closer look at the style of certificates included this pack.

In this set you’ll find:

• 4 colour coded certificates for each sport/event – *There are 2 red & blue versions for 1st & 2nd place (pick the 1st & 2nd place colours that best suit the area you live in) yellow is for 3rd place and green for participation.
• All certificates are available with both English & Māori headings.
• All certificates are available WITH AND WITHOUT the bright matching illustrations.
• 2 styles are included – one with a bold square star in the top right hand corner for the placing, the other with a bright yellow star swatch for the placing.
• These certificates are A5 sized (2 certificates per A4 page). We recommend colour copying onto light card for best quality results.
• All certificates include a space for the student’s name, date and place to sign.
• This set also includes a variety of blank certificates.
• Am I missing an event? Does your corner of Aotearoa use a different Māori translation for one of the events? Please let me know – I’m happy to add additional certificates at no extra cost.

Athletic events & sports included:

• Shot put
• Discus
• Long Jump
• High Jump
• Sprints
• Cross Country
• Swimming (*Swimming also comes with 2 version—with & without mermaids!)
• Duathlon
• Triathlon
• General Athletics participation
• Blank Certificates


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