Dragonflies! {Fun and facts about Dragonflies and Odonata}


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Did you know that dragonflies are the world’s most deadly hunters? They catch 95% of the prey they target, which is twice as successful as a great white shark and more than 4 times better than a lion!


This 38 page fun and facts mini booklet contains a range of different activities to get your students enthused about this amazingly insect – mix and match your pages to best meet the needs of your class!


Included in this 38 page mini booklet are:

• Dragonfly life cycle sequencing activities

• A dragonfly can/has/is graphic organizer

• Facts about Dragonflies as hunters and predators (and also prey!)

• What do they eat and who eats them?

• Who is in the Odonata family? (what’s the difference between dragonflies and damselflies?)

• Odonata is Greek for ‘toothed one’ – can you see their mandibles under a magnifying glass?

• Did you know that scientists have found fossils of dragonflies that are over 300,000,000 years old?

• Dragonfly true or false questions (plus answers)

• Facts about dragonflies

• Use to string and ruler to measure out the world’s largest and smallest dragonfly/damselfly species (then stick the string into your booklet)

• A DRAGON-fly? Use these words to inspire a sketch of a new animal

• Compare and contrast a dragonfly to a dragon or a fly!

• A selection f blank dragonfly themed pages to record your thoughts and/or photos

• Label the parts of the dragonflies anatomy

• Dragonflies come in many colors – color the picture to match

• What habitats do dragonflies live in? Sketch your local dragonfly habitat

• Facts about dragonfly wings (use a magnifying glass and sketch)

• Did you know that dragonflies are one of the fastest insects in the world?

• Add the vowels to complete these dragonfly themed words

• Dragonfly facts in numbers (e.g. how many species are there? How fast can they fly?)

• Dragonfly themed words find

• A selection of dragonfly coloring pages

• Things to think about – dragonflies need fresh water. What can you do to improve your local water ways?

• Let’s go ‘oding’ (Oding is the act of dragonfly watching!)

• Dragonfly acrostic poem template

• 10 dragonfly challenges, e.g. create a 3D sculpture of a dragonfly; what are the common or local names for the dragonflies that live in your area?


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