Interchangeable Morning & Afternoon Routine Tracker


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Smooth out the kids morning and afternoon routines at home with this handy interchangeable tick chart!  Simply print, laminate and assemble with blue tac/velcro dots and pegs…


This handy resources comes with a selection of different tasks to choose from, which allows you to personalise the routine to your child’s needs.  The chart assembles to include clever little flaps at the bottom which the kids can fold up when tasks are complete – this makes it super easy to tell at a glance what still needs to be ticked off.


This set contains the following MORNING routine tasks to pick and choose from: 

  • Brush teeth
  • Eat breakfast
  • Pack school bag
  • Put sunscreen on
  • Pack hat
  • Get dressed
  • Make bed
  • Shoes on
  • Brush hair
  • Put PJs away
  • Pack lunch
  • Pack book bag
  • Take vitamins/medicine
  • Wash face
  • Pack homework
  • Pack library book
  • Pack sports gear
  • Bus ticket ready
  • Bike helmet ready
  • Lunch order money packed
  • Permission slips and notices organised
  • Swimming bag packed
  • Feed pets
  • Go to the toilet

This set contains the following AFTERNOON routine tasks to pick and choose from: 

  • Put bag and shoes away
  • Change out of uniform
  • Unpack lunch box
  • Homework
  • Dinner time
  • Reading or drawing
  • Shower/bath
  • PJs on
  • Brush teeth
  • Story time
  • Bedtime
  • Vitamins/medicine
  • Brush hair
  • Toilet
  • Blank task cards also included in case you’d like to add your own


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