Maramataka & Gregorian Calendar Wall Display


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This brightly coloured wall display is a beautiful and alternate way to track the seasons in your classroom!  It makes comparing & contrasting the Maramataka (Māori lunar calendar) with the Gregorian (solar) calendar easy.  It can be assembled and displayed as 2 separate calendars or combined.


It can be assembled and displayed as 2 separate calendars or combined – the central wheel is 35cm across and when added to the other elements that are part of the resource, makes an eye catching display around a metre wide.



  • *This resource now also includes mini matching hand-held rotating calendars (easily assembled with a split pin) perfect for your little learners to take home and share their learning!
  • Multiple variations included – Māori only, bilingual, modern Māori & loan word options for months of the year…. mix and match to find the right version for you
  • 2 sizes included – 13cm and 18cm
  • The perfect compliment to your wall display

Ideas for use include:

  • Use the ‘plant me’ vegetable labels to plan this season’s school gardens
  • Use the resource as a spring board into further investigations around how Māori mark, measure and move through time
  • Prepare for some of the annual events that are special to Aotearoa by including the pre-made labels on your calendar (Waitangi day, Matariki, Anzac, Christmas, Easter & Labour Day etc)
  • Use the blank labels to add other important school dates such as children’s birthdays or term events. blank labels to add other important school dates such as children’s birthdays or term events.

The Calendar:

  • The calendar is comprised of 4 circles of varying size which are assembled and then combine with a split-pin to allow the circles to rotate
  • The Gregorian (12 months of the year) and the Maramataka (periods of time) sections are larger circles which will require some cutting and gluing to assemble. The Maramataka portion is the largest at approx 35cm across.
  • You may want to laminate some portions if you think they’ll get high use.
  • Either fix the circles and move the arrow included (to show which part of the calendar we’re currently in), OR fix the arrow and rotate the circles.
  • This resource contains 2 versions of the calendar wheel – one bilingual Eng/Māori, and the other Māori only. *The Māori only version contains 2 versions of the months to choose from: (1) the traditional months (Kohitātea, Huitānguru, Poututerangi etc) (2) the Māori loan words (Hānuere, Pēpuere, Maehe etc)

Maramataka & Gregorian display labels:

  • This resource contains some key ideas in simple language that explain the differences between the Maramataka (lunar) & Gregorian (solar) calendars.
  • The 10 Maramataka main ideas are displayed on little moons
  • The 5 Gregorian calendar main ideas are displayed on little Suns

Seasonal events & tohu (signs)

  • This resource contains 100+ circular colour-coded labels that match the main calendar: purple for Winter, green for Spring, yellow for Summer & orangey-red for Autumn (4 labels per A4 page)
  • They include “plant now” labels to show which crops are best planted in this season
  • Some traditional tohu (signs) are included that indicate a change of season (special birds appearing or flowers blooming, as well as the appearance of certain stars and fish)
  • Annual seasonal events (Matariki, equinoxes, Anzac day, Waitangi day, Christmas, Easter etc.
  • 2 versions of the seasonal events and tohu (signs) are included – One bilingal Eng/Māori version, and one Māori only.


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