School Readiness Display Labels


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Celebrate the new skills your tamariki have learnt (or are focusing on mastering) with these bright illustrated ‘school readiness’ labels, back-packs and kete!

Laminate the labels and use as a whole class display – “we are school ready! Check out our backpack/kete of skills!” Or children can colour their own back-pack/kete to add to the display.

Each label includes an “I can” statement in child speak and an illustration to provide extra scaffolding.

“I can” skills included in this pack:

• Put my bag away
• Pack and carry my own bag
• Listen carefully to stories
• Sit quietly on the mat
• Raise my hand to ask a question
• Follow instructions
• Sit and eat my food at break times
• Open my lunch box & food packets
• Open my own drink bottle
• Put on my shoes and jumper
• Collect my clothes
• Put my hat in the correct place
• Put my book bag away
• Blow my own nose
• Wash & dry my hands
• Use the toilet and flush
• Do up my own buttons and zips
• Be brave and try new things
• Be excited about starting school
• Be enthusiastic about my learning
• Recognise my name
• Recognise and name colours
• Hold scissors and cut things out
• Hold a pencil and enjoy colouring
• Blank labels also included
Is there a skill missing that is important at your school? Let me know! I’m happy to add additional skills at no extra charge


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