Waka Whakatauki Banner & 32 piece Collaborative Poster


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This beautiful Maori whakatauki (proverb) is the perfect focus for the start of the new school year – ‘He waka eke noa’ – we’re all in this together! Add your own class portraits (or photographs) to the waka, banner & paddles or the collaborative poster to create an eye catching wall display…
***PLEASE NOTE*** This is a LARGE document that will require you to assemble multiple pages together (after printing) to create the larger images.
This resource includes a 1.4-metre-long banner:
  • Featuring the Maori whakatauki ‘He waka eke noa’ in large print (with the popular English translation of ‘We’re all in this together’)
  • A black and white version (perfect for assembling and colouring as a collaborative activity)
  • A full colour version (just print, assemble and display)
This resource also includes a 1.3-metre-long waka + hoe/paddles:
  • A black and white version (perfect for assembling and colouring or painting as a collaborative activity)
  • A full colour version (just print, assemble and display)
  • Mix and match 4 different bow designs with 4 different stern designs to produce your own (or a variety!) of waka
  • This resource includes a selection of 14 hoe/paddles for the children to colour or personalise with their own designs
  • Combine children’s self portraits (or photographs) with the paddles and the assembled waka for an amazing wall display!
NEW ADDITION! This resource now also includes a 32 piece (1.7 X 1.2 metre) Collaborative poster
  • Simply print the pages provided and hand out one piece to each pupil to colour before assembling to create a large poster.
  • This set contains 32 pieces (hopefully no one has a class size larger than that!) In every collaborative poster, some pieces contain more detail than others—you can always hand out detailed pieces first & save the less complicated pieces for the early finishers.
  • You could choose to keep the completed image a secret (only to be revealed once it’s assembled) or share the completed image before starting to help guide their colour choices.

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  1. Ginny Felix (verified owner)

    Hi I’ve paid for the waka whakatauki download, twice I think. Unfortunately paypal has it as an order to be shipped. Are you able to help please, I have receipt as proof of purchase.

    • greengrubs

      Hi there Ginny, thanks so much for your purchase!

      If you have a look at the payment receipt, there should be a clickable link (the resource name) that will take you directly to your purchase on google drive where you can immediately download it. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at mrshugabug@gmail .com if you’re having any further issues and I’ll get an other link out to you asap… you certainly don’t need any technical issues on the evening before the first day of term 2!!

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