A = AROHA {Kiwiana Themed ‘Make & Take’ Alphabet Set}


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Letter A in our Kiwiana themed ‘make & take’ (‘cut & paste’) activity set is all about AROHA! Whether you’re working your way through the alphabet with your class, or just need a little more love in your life, this is the perfect little activity set to spread some good vibes. You’ll find a selection of foldable hearts, a necklace to wear over your heart and little love letter templates in this set…

This A = Aroha activity set includes:

• Each sheet comes with a supporting photograph sequence so you can see how the activity is used and assembled, plus the completed product
• Each activity has a ’bookmark’ style strip of paper on the left hand side of the sheet that matches the activity and letter being focused on—perfect for slipping into the kids book bag at the end of the day to support them to share their learning when they take their creations home
• Some activities include several versions of the same sheet with more/less writing to allow you to better meet the needs of your class


These letter activities are part of a larger discounted bundle – click here to view the full A-Z set!


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