Kiwiana Alphabet Activities (MEGA bundle A-Z)


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This set contains our full set of Kiwiana themed ‘make & take’ (‘cut & paste’) alphabet activities all the way from A-Z!  You could use them to support your Kiwiana inquiry; as fast finishers activities or maybe include them in your literacy rotations…


  • Each letter sheet comes with a supporting photograph sequence so you can see how the activity is used and assembled (plus the completed product)
  • Each activity has a ’bookmark’ style strip of paper on the left hand side of the sheet that matches the activity and letter being focused on—perfect for slipping into the kids book bag at the end of the day to support them to share their learning when they take their creations home
  • Some activities include several versions of the same sheet with more/less writing to allow you to better meet the needs of your class.
  • **All activities require cutting and assembling. Activities marked with an asterix may require some adaptation or support to make them more easily accessible for younger learners (e.g a buddy helper, enlarged to A3 or completed as a group project)  Please ask if you have questions!


Would you prefer to purchase a single activity and not the whole bundle?  These are all available individually in our Green Grubs TpT store, or alternatively, please e-mail me and I’ll get it uploaded right here as soon as possible!



A = Aroha: Assemble a selection of foldable hearts, a necklace to wear over your heart & little love letter templates.

B = BBQ: Slip into some jandals and come and join us for a sausage sizzle on our ‘lift the lid’ paper barbie!  BBQ template included, plus a selection of cut and paste food items to pop on the barbie.

B = **Beehive: You’ll find a 3D foldable model of our iconic parliment building (the Beehive) in the set, + a mini ‘one cut’ booklet containing facts about our Beehive and small prompts for further research.

C = Camping: Colour and fold the sleeping bag and tent templates before snuggling your camper up cosily inside and organising your camp site.

D = Dinner & Dessert: We’ve got some Delightfully-Delectable & Delicious kiwi kai here in NZ…so let’s celebrate with good feed!  This set includes a dinner plate, dessert bowl and place mat all themed to match our local cuisine – you could choose to complete the full menu, or just enjoy discussing, drawing and sharing a single course with your class. 

E = Everest: 1953 put NZ on the map when kiwi legend Edmund Hillary & Nepalese Tenzing Norgay were the first people to stand on top of the world…use the template to assemble a climber and mountain.

F = Fish’n’chips: Tuck into a newspaper wrapped parcel of tasty local fish with some good old Wattie’s sauce (and possibly malt vinegar!) with this fun ‘make & take’ activity – templates for your chips and fish included, colour and assemble before completing the look with a final wrap of newspaper.

F = Fantail: Make one of our most iconic birds come to life with this fun foldable hand puppet activity!

G = Gumboots: A mini palm sized booklet celebrating this most practical of footwear + 2 publishing sheets to record your Gumboot day.

H = Hokey Pokey: Crunchy, gooey honey-comb toffee pieces in sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream….. finally an activity to celebrate this uniquely kiwi taste sensation!  Cone templates include: a hokey-pokey acrostic poem template & cones labelled: ‘adjectives’ & ‘my recipe’. *blank and lined cones also included.

I = Insect: Aotearoa is packed full of all sorts of interesting insects! Get up close and personal with some of our natives by wearing them on your wrist with a fun variety of wristband/bracelets featuring some of our native insects. You can chose from simple colouring in wristbands, or a ‘complete the insect to make it symmetrical’ version.

J = Jandal: Many Kiwis would happily wear jandals all year round if they could—even during winter! This J = Jandal activity set includes a little jandal colouring booklet with a selection of different blank templates to pop inside.

K = Kiwi: No kiwiana set would be complete with out a kiwi! This kiwi activity set includes a sweet little paper foldable kiwi hand puppet. 

L = Lizard: Looping, lazy lizards lounging on a log! This ‘make and take’ activity celebrates our two types of unique native lizard – the skink & gecko!  You can display your lazy lizard flat, or turn it into a wearable wrist cuff. 

M = Marama Moon: A selection of little moons are included to colour and complete to create a 3D hanging ‘moon-ball’.  Choose from a selection of larger moon pictures to colour in cool silvery moon colours (or use the ‘half face’ options as a symmetry activity before colouring)

M = Monarch Butterfly: Celebrate letter M with this bright & symmetrical Monarch butterfly activity!  It includes a selection of Monarch butterfly symmetry activities (complete the picture to show the full beauty of the wings before colouring and cutting out)

N = Necklace: Celebrate the letter N with a chain Necklace featuring Kiwi classics such as nikau & netball! It icludes a selection of N vocabulary words for your chain necklace including: nikau, netball, New Zealand, North Island, neptune’s necklace, noodles, number nine, night, nose, nest, nocturnal, name, nectarine & newspaper, plus a selection of blank strips for the kids to add their own chosen words.

NG = Ngata (slugs & snails) The ‘ng’ sound is one of 2 digraphs found in the Māori alphabet – celebrate this special letter sound with these slippery, slimy NGATA! This NG = Ngata activity set includes a selection of ngata to cut out and colour to create your own 3D snails.

O = Octopus: Did you know that NZ has 42 known species of Ocean Octopus? This set includes a colouring sheet with a selection of ‘rock pool covers’. You can then expand on the basic colouring sheet by lifting the flap to spy on your hiding Ocean Octopus, or make a rock pool pocket to tuck your octopus into…

P = Pohutukawa Putiputi: It doesn’t feel like Christmas until our iconic Pohutukawa trees burst into bloom! This activity set includes a Pōhutukawa flower template to colour, cut and assemble – add a twig and some glitter for a final flourish…

Q = Quilt: Pick and choose from a selection of classic kiwi words ‘Qu’ words (such as ‘quadbike’ & ‘Queenstown’) before assembling your cut and paste ‘Q’ quilt.

R = Rā the Sun: If you’re looking for something to brighten up your classroom space, then you can’t go past the cheerful rays of radiant Rā!  This set includes a selection of little suns to colour and complete to create a 3D hanging ‘sun-ball’. 

S = Silver fern: The silver fern has been a strong symbol of New Zealand’s national identity since the 1880s, and is often shown on the uniforms of our sport’s teams! This set includes a selection of Silver fern themed worksheets – complete and colour the symmetrical silver fern patterned grid; complete the picture to show yourself as a sports star wearing your silver fern uniform & a silver fern themed colouring sheet.

T = Taniwha: “One day a Taniwha, went swimming in the moana…” It’s hard not to hum along when you hear this iconic tune! This set includes a selection of taniwha heads and tails to colour and cut out to create a moveable hand puppet + a taniwha themed colouring sheet.

U = **Ua-Umbrella: Did you know that ‘ua’ is the Māori word for rain? Create a nifty little foldable ua-umbrella to celebrate and practice writing the letter U!

V = Volcano: Maori have many myths and legends about New Zealand’s volcanoes. What’s the story of your local puia? (volcano) This activity set includes a volcano cone template to colour, cut and assemble + 2 different volcanic plumes to add to the top of your volcano – choose the one that best suits the needs in your class.

W = **Waka: “He waka eke noa – we’re all in this together!” A waka is such a powerful visual symbol of your class moving forward together as a team… This activity set includes a 3D Waka template to colour, cut out and assemble.

WH = **Wharenui: The ‘wh’ sound is one of 2 digraphs found in the Māori alphabet – celebrate this special letter sound by exploring the beautiful rich traditions around wharenui! (Māori meeting houses) This set includes a 3D wharenui/meeting house model template. Choose from either a blank template (to allow the children to share their own designs) or a pre-patterned version that just requires colouring in and assembling.

X = X-Ray: Celebrate the letter X by X-raying some of our native creatures! What do the skeletons of a kiwi, tuatara, kākāpō & snapper look like?  This set includes a work sheet to complete – colour the animals, then draw your ideas about what you think their skeletons look like on the x-ray page. Attach the flaps, then open and shut to X-ray your animals.

Y = Yellow: Did you know that ‘kōwhai’ is both the Māori word for yellow AND the name of one of our most well known trees? We also have a native bird called a ‘Yellowhead!’ Celebrate the letter Y with a fun colouring sheet and foldable mini book.

Z = New Zealand Zoo:  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Who is that snoring at the New Zealand Zoo? Lift the flap and find out!  This set includes a New Zealand Zoo themed worksheet – add your sleeping animal to the box (and fill in the their snoring speech bubble with ZzZzZzs!) before covering them with a flap. Can your friends guess who is snoring?




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