Ice Cream in a Bag – make it without a freezer


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Make frozen ICE CREAM IN A BAG with only 4 ingredients! (cream/full cream milk, sugar, ice and salt) Forget the freezer and imagine the fun your class will have juggling the ice cream flavor they’ve invented, in a bag until it freezes!

This “Ice Cream in a Bag” pack contains a range of fun worksheets and a 22 page mini booklet designed to support the delicious main event… inventing a new ice cream flavor and making it in a zip-lock bag! Whether your class is studying basic kitchen science; it’s the middle of summer or maybe they just deserve a special treat, you can’t go past this fun, engaging and delicious activity pack…


Included in this pack:

  • Ice cream-facts-pocket-pack (palm sized 8 page mini book containing fun facts about ice cream)
  • 3D Ice cream craft
  • 3 ‘my ice cream recipe’ planning and writing sheets
  • Ice cream activities card and teacher notes (graphing and sorting ice cream flavours + preparation for ice cream making day)
  • Ice cream making activity card and teacher notes
  • Note home to parents requesting additional ingredients
  • Photographs of the activities in action
  • Ice cream in a bag recipe card
  • A list of possible extra ingredients to use for class discussion


22 page Ice Cream Booklet ~ page topics include:

  • Highlight your ingredients from this list
  • Design an ice cream tub label to advertise your new flavor
  • Ice cream word find
  • Acrostic poem template
  • Draw a picture of you juggling your ice cream in a bag
  • Add some crazy toppings to the ice cream picture
  • Alphabetical ordering task with ice cream flavours
  • Ice cream coloring page
  • Add the vowels to complete the ice cream vocabulary
  • Give your new flavor a rating by coloring in the scoops
  • Draw some little cartoons to show the events on ice cream making day
  • Making predictions about the look, taste and smell of their ice cream, then recording what actually happened
  • Space to glue in a photos of you enjoying your ice cream invention
  • Find 3 people who…..(have dropped their ice cream; know how much an ice cream in a cone costs; can tell you 3 ingredients used to make ice cream etc.)
  • 10 ice cream challenges (e.g. try an ice cream flavour you’ve never tried before; read the ingredients label on your favorite ice cream; choreograph a dance to slow music to show what happens to ice cream on a hot day etc.)


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