Kiwiana Objects, Icons & Landmarks {World Famous in New Zealand!}


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Is NZ the best place on the planet? Yeah, nah I’m pretty sure Godzone is….We’re as good as gold here in Aotearoa!

Did you know the word ‘Jandal’ comes from the words ‘Japanense Sandal?’ This Kiwiana resource is packed full of fun facts and a wide variety of activities! It includes a 44 page student booklet designed to support your teaching and learning around the topic of Kiwiana, and 65+ kiwiana themed flash cards/picture cards – perfect for adding to your wall display or matching to a map of New Zealand!

 Included in this resource are: 44 page Kiwiana booklet ~ topics cover include: 

• Let’s korero! Many familiar Kiwiana words are from the beautiful Māori language – draw a picture to match (poi, hongi, kiwi, tu meke etc.) 
• Which of these Kiwi food items have you tried? Rank in order of deliciousness! (Kiwifruit, Pavlova, Marmite, Mince Pie, Lamington etc.)
• Can/Has/Is graphic organiser template
• I have read….complete the fact file on a kiwi themed book
• Kiwi slang! Read the speech bubble and use a highlighter to mark all the Kiwi slang words you can hear
• Use the map to plan a road trip through NZ to visit your top 5 favourite Kiwiana locations! 
• 10 Kiwiana themed challenges (e.g Choose a recipe from the ‘Edmonds Cookery book’ to make. Who is the goodnight Kiwi? What happened after he appeared on TV? How many native trees can you identify and name in your school grounds?)
• How many native birds, trees or plants can you spot in your school grounds? Choose 4 to sketch
• What’s your favourite song by a Kiwi artist? Find and listen to the listed songs, then list 3 adjectives to describe each
• Kiwiana themed acrostic poem template
• Kai moana (food from the sea) has always been a very important part of Kiwi life. How are these iconic kiwi food harvested? (Paua, whitebait, pipi etc.)
• Can you think of a Kiwi word for every letter of the alphabet?
• Jandals – Learn a little about the history of the ‘Japanese Sandal’ before adding your own designs to the blank pair
• Things to think about…What do you think should happen if a famous Kiwi landmark (like the Christchurch Cathedral) is destroyed? Why do you think that?
• Match the Kiwiana words to their word shapes (plus answers)
• Made in NZ? What do you think? Do things have to be from NZ or made in NZ to be called Kiwiana?
• Kiwiana themed word find (plus answers)
• Legend! Aotearoa is filled with all sorts of amazing and legendary characters who have helped form how we look at ourselves as NZers. How many of the names below do you recognise? (Murray Ball, Edmund Hillary, Fred Dagg etc.)
• 6 Kiwiana themed true/false questions (plus answers)
• Information about some iconic New Zealand trees and plants (Pohutukawa, Silver fern, Koru, Kowhai, Harakeke & Kauri)
• Complete the picture to show you wearing a Kiwiana inspired outfit!
• Information about the history and creation of the swandri, gumboots and the black singlet!
• Choose one of the following Kiwiana items to research! Create a brainstorm showing keywords about the history of your item in NZ (e.g Buzzy-bee, hokey pokey ice cream, pavlova etc.)
• A selection of blank Kiwiana themed writing pages
• Kiwiana themed colouring pages
• Fill the plate with your selection of Kiwi foods to create a kiwiana menu
• Colour by numbers the Kiwi flags (Unofficial silver fern design, Current flag, Tino Rangatiratanga flag & flag of the United Tribes)
• Kiwiana themed scavenger hunt (e.g Locate the capital of NZ and NZ’s largest city on a map; Sing the National Anthem in Māori and English; Find a book by a Kiwi author etc.
• Find 3 people who have…. (Popped into their local 4 square to pick up milk; Eaten a mince pie with sauce! Can name their favourite song sung by a Kiwi artist etc.)
• Add the vowels to complete the Kiwiana themed words (plus answers)
• Silly Kiwiana themed jokes (e.g. Q: what kind of bird opens doors? A: A key-wi!
• Find and sketch… a NZ flag, some Kiwiana food etc.
• Who are the important Kiwis that are featured on our bank notes?

65+ Kiwiana flash cards:

*CAN’T SEE YOUR TOWN’S SPECIAL LANDMARK OR ICON LISTED? Let me know – I’m more than happy to add in cards to meet the needs of your corner of Aotearoa! 

• Iconic Kiwiana objects (including: Pohutukawa, Koru, Silver fern, Feijoas, Pavlova, Paua, Pounamu, Jandals, Gumboots, Black singlet, Swandri, Kiwi, Pukeko, Kiwifruit, Tiki, NZs flags, Rugby, Sheep, Cows, Kumara, Hokey-Pokey ice cream, Tomato sauce, Choc fish, L&P, Hangi, Marmite, Bach/Crib, Jaffas, Mince pie, No.8 wire, Fish’n’chips, Edmonds Cookery book, Flax kete, 4 Square, Butterflies & Kowhai)

• Famous places and landmarks around Aotearoa (including: Taihape’s giant gumboot; Auckland’s Sky Tower, One Tree Hill, Rangitoto, Waitangi’s Treaty House & Te Whare Runanga, Wellington’s Beehive, Moeraki’s boulders, Waipoua forest’s Tane Mahuta, Ohakune’s giant carrot, Hamilton’s Hobbiton, Paeroa’s giant L&P bottles, Rakaia’s giant trout, Tirau’s giant sheep and sheep dog, Cape Reinga, Opononi’s sculpture of Opo the dolphin, Cromwell’s giant fruit, Te Puke’s giant Kiwifruit, Otorohanga’s giant Kiwi, Napier’s Pania of the Reef, Dunedin’s Larnach castle, Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove & Hot water beach, Milford Sound, Mt Taranaki, Rotorua’s mud pools, Christchurch’s Cathedral, Franz Josef Glacier, Mt Ruapehu, White Island, 90 mile beach, Kerikeri’s Stone House, Abel tasman National Park, Tongoriro National Park, Te Kuiti’s giant Sheep Shearer sculpture, Riverton’s Giant Paua & Waitomo’s glowworms!)


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