Timeline of Harakeke Flax use in New Zealand {Wall frieze}


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Undoubtedly the most important plant to early Māori, and one of Aotearoa’s earliest exports – the versatile flax plant! When 19th-century missionary William Colenso told Māori chiefs that it did not grow in England, they replied ‘How is it possible to live there without it?’

From the use of harakeke in every aspect of their daily life by early Māori, through to the trading and exporting of flax fibre from our local mills….. The ups and downs of the fibre industry and the slow decline (and eventual revival) of weaving as a cultural taonga. If you’re looking for a simple and eye catching way to review the important role that flax has played in the history of our country, then look no further than this classroom wall frieze! Just print and laminate before displaying in chronological order.

NZ flax history timeline including:

• 55+ important events in NZs flax history (from the first Polynesian peoples bringing their weaving skills, settling in Aotearoa and adapting to their new materials, through to the scientific discoveries surrounding flax use in the 2000s!)
• Each page is brightly illustrated to match the facts – perfect for supporting all levels of learners
• Facts are presented in simple child speak where possible
Please note, no timeline can contain all the juicy tidbits from Aotearoa’s past…. If I’m missing something you consider important, please let me know! I’m happy to add additional facts. 


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