ANTS! {A booklet of activities celebrating the life cycle of the ant}


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Did you know that in some parts of the world, ant pupae is considered a form of insect caviar? It can sell for as much as $40 per pound! (0.4kg) Come and celebrate some lesser known facts about the amazing ant with this 34 page booklet!

Included are: 

• Ant life cycle sequencing worksheets (in color and black and white)
• What’s going on inside that ant nest. Use the cross section worksheet template to illustrate an ants nest
• Photos and facts about ants

34 page Awesome Ant Booklet ~ page topics include: 

• Sequencing and explaining the stages in the life cycle of the ant
• Ant word find (plus answer sheet) and alphabetical ordering vocab activity
• Use a magnifying glass to study and sketch ants
• Global ant mapping activity
• Where and how do ants build their nests? Read the facts and draw
• Yum! Ants! Did you know that many cultures enjoy eating ants?
• Cool ant facts (Did you know that all worker ants, soldier ants and queen ants are female?)
• Silly ant jokes
• True or False questions about ants facts
• What’s going on inside that ant nest? Use the cross section template and your imagination to illustrate an ants nest
• Locate an ants nest and use a timer to record how many ants you can count in 1 minute (tally chart)
• Use the zoom on a camera to get a close up look at an ant – take a photo to include in your booklet
• Key word recording sheet
• Ghost ant drawing and coloring! (Some species of ant have a translucent abdomen which shows their last meal, complete some research and draw)
• How do ants communicate? Pheromone track activity sheet
• Word cline activity! Which of these words means the smallest? Little, tiny, small?)
• Add the vowels to ant words sheet
• Ant facts in numbers (How many species of ant have been named so far? 12,000) Guessing sheet plus answers
• Coloring sheet and maze challenge
• Ant measuring activity
• Acrostic poem template
• Ant anatomy labelling 
• 10 Ant challenges (e.g. Find someone who can tell you a story about the time ants were in their house! Let an ant crawl about and tickle your hand….)


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