Fireflies, Lightning Bugs & Glowworms {Ready, Set, GLOW! Fun & facts booklet}


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Ready, set, glow! Celebrate the best of warm summer evenings by deepening your understanding of the iconic firefly and their fellow glowing cousins – the humble glowworm!

This 40+ page ‘fun and facts’ booklet is designed to shine the spotlight on these amazing insects….. It’s packed full of interactive learning experiences and fun follow up activities.

 Included are: 

• Firefly life cycle sequencing worksheets (in color and back + white)

44 page ‘Ready, set, glow!’ mini booklet ~ page topics include: 

• Firefly and glowworm true or false (plus answers)
• How long can glowworm threads reach? (Measuring challenge)
• Firefly life cycle sequencing activities (in color and black and white)
• Places for recording notes and sticking photographs
• Save our fireflies! Why are fire fly populations around the world diminishing?
• How do fireflies glow?
• What other creatures can glow in the dark?
• How big is your firefly? Draw a life size sketch
• How to keep your firefly healthy and happy for a day in a Jar 
• Firefly anatomy labelling
• Add the vowels to complete the firefly and glowworm words (plus answers)
• Glowworm maze
• Where are fireflies and glowworms found around the world? Mapping activity
• Firefly and glowworm themed word find
• Firefly facts (e.g. did you know that firefly larvae live underground and feed on worms and slugs by injecting them with a numbing fluid? Even the larvae glow!)
• Glowworm facts (e.g. Did you know that Australian glowworms hang horizontally in their threads, New Zealand glowworms hang vertically?)
• I spy with my little eye….. What location and habitat did you spot your glowing insect in? Sketch the location.
• What do fireflies and glowworms eat?
• Why do these insects glow? What are they trying to communicate?
• Can you copy a firefly’s flashes with a flashlight? Have a go at creating your own patterns
• A selection of firefly coloring sheets
• Silly firefly and glowworm jokes
• Can you take a close up photo of your insect?
• Record some key words about your glowing insect
• Use a magnifying glass to look closely at your insect. Record what you can see.
• What do these fancy ‘glow’ words mean? (Bioluminescent, Photic-organ & Luciferin)
• 10 fun glowworm and firefly challenges (separate page for each) e.g. Write a fictional story to explain why glowworms produce light; Use a flashlight to copy the blinking patterns of your fireflies. Video your efforts and share it with your class or family!)
• Acrostic poem template (separate page for glowworms and fireflies)
• Plus more….


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