Beetles, Ladybugs & Bess Beetles! {A booklet celebrating Coleoptera}


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Did you know that one quarter of all animal species on earth are beetles? Come and get better acquainted with these amazing bugs in this 30 page fun and facts Beetle booklet!

Included are: 

• Ladybug life cycle sequencing worksheets (in color + black and white)

34 page beautiful beetle booklet ~ page topics include: 

• Sequencing and explaining the stages in the life cycle of the ladybug
• 4 pages devoted to Bess beetles (true or false quiz, facts, onomatopoeias, sketching & common names)
• Beetle word find (plus answer sheet) and alphabetical ordering beetle vocab activity
• Is that a beetle or not? Learn what makes a beetle a beetle!
• Use a magnifying glass to study and sketch a beetle – focus on mandibles and feet
• Cool beetle facts (Did you know he word BEETLE is thought to come from the old English word BITELA, which means little biter?)
• Silly Beetle jokes
• Beetle facts in numbers (How many species of insect are known to be eaten as food by humans? How many years does your average beetle live?) Guessing sheet plus answers
• Ladybug fact sheet
• Selection of coloring sheets; read and color worksheet + roll the dice and color game
• Scientific classification for beetles
• Imagine you’ve just discovered a new species of beetle! What would it look like? What would you call it?
• Beetle measuring activity
• Acrostic poem template
• Beetle anatomy labelling 
• Use a magnifying glass to look closely at all the colors on your beetle
• Beetle symmetry sheet 
• 10 Beetle challenges (e.g. listen to some music by the Beatles! Go on a beetle hunt; make a 3D model of a beetle etc.)
• Draw a plan of your beetle’s habitat


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