BEES! {A booklet of activities celebrating honey bees, bumble bees & wasps}


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Busy Bees!

Get a sweet honey fix with this 34 page Busy Bee booklet pack – full of activities that celebrate the amazing things bees do for our planet! This pack also contains beautifully detailed photography of honey bees, wasps and bumble bees to let you get up close and personal to these amazing insects.

• Advice for planting a bee friendly garden
• Honey bee life cycle sequencing worksheets (in color and black and white)
• Beautiful close up photographs of honey bees, wasps and bumble bees

34 page Busy Bee Booklet ~ page topics include: 

• Sequencing and explaining the stages in the life cycle of the honey bee
• How do you like to eat honey? What recipes can you think of that include honey?
• Busy bee word find (plus answer sheet)
• Is that a bee or a wasp? What’s the difference between honey bees and bumble bees? Facts sheets to help you identify your insects
• What color are your local honey bees? Coloring sheet
• How to stay bee safe – what should you do if you’re stung by a bee?
• Cool honey bee facts (did you know that honey was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, and it was still edible?!)
• Silly Bee jokes
• Bee facts in numbers (How many wings does a bee have? How many eyes does a bee have? How fast can a bee fly?) Guessing sheet plus answers
• Why are bees important to our food supply?
• Coloring sheets
• Honey bees beat their wings 200 times a second – how long does it take you to beat your arms 200 times?
• Acrostic poem template
• Sketching sheets
• Honey bee maze puzzle
• Honey bee anatomy labelling 
• Bees use special dances to communicate with other bees – use some chalk on concrete to map out this waggle dance – then walk the chalk and waggle!
• Why are homey combs hexagonal? Complete the hexagon pattern
• What plants do the bees like best in your garden? What plants do bees like that are native to your area?
• What fruits and vegetables are pollinated by bees?
• 10 Bee challenges (e.g. Listen to ‘flight of the bumble bee’ – what do you think inspired the composer to write that piece of music? Make a up a mini bee dance to match the music)
• Look at a flower under a magnifying glass – can you see the pollen?


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