Woodlice, Pill bugs, Sow bugs, Roly Polies & Potato bugs {The Woodlouse family!}


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Did you know that woodlice are sometimes used by museum workers to clean the flesh off delicate skeletons? Come and get better acquainted with Slaters and the other members of the woodlice family in this 26 page fun and facts woodlice booklet!

Included are: 

• Illustrating the life cycle of the woodlice
• Woodlice word find, alphabetical ordering activity, adding the vowels to woodlice vocabulary (plus the answer sheets)
• What make a Pill bug different to other woodlice?
• Common names for woodlice around the world……(e.g. ‘Cheesy log!’)
• Mapping global woodlice facts on a world map
• Woodlice maze
• What do woodlice and marsupials have in common?
• How many legs do woodlice have (6 pairs when they’re born, the 7th pair appears after they moult several times!)
• Woodlice are crustaceans not insects
• Coloring activity (Draw woodlice to match some of the amazing woodlice descriptions from around the world)
• Mouse/mice – woodlouse/woodlice – the words explained 
• Eye spy activity – drawing woodlice in the leaf litter
• Use a magnifying glass to study and sketch your woodlice
• Woodlice facts page 
• Woodlice facts in numbers (How many antennae do they have? How many species of woodlice have been discovered so far? Guessing sheet plus answers)
• Acrostic poem template
• Woodlice anatomy labelling 
• 10 woodlice challenges (e.g. watch ‘A bugs life’ and look out for the Pill bugs! Roll yourself into a ball like a pill bug etc.)


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