Dewey Decimal System & Library Vocabulary labels (English)



The Dewey Decimal system has had a makeover with this bright, bold & set of wall labels!


This resource is also available as a bilingual Māori/English version in our store – click here.


This resource also includes an EDITABLE file with premade templates and formatted text boxes so you can make additional labels to match the set if needed!



This resource includes Library vocab labels:

  • 30+ library vocab labels including the words: library, book, returns, spine, cover, paper, page, reference books, over size books, book trolley, non-fiction, picture books, graphic novels, sophisticated picture books, classic books, featured book, new books, recommended books, general fiction, senior fiction, junior fiction, issue desk, self-issue, computer, book shelf, silent reading, buddy reading, magazines, fun reads, reserves, games, poetry, young adults, book bag, shoes & reading.
  • All labels are in English and include appropriate illustrations to support our lower level readers and speakers to understand the meanings
  • This set includes a Library & Librarian door signs (with space to add a photo and the name of your librarian)


This resource also includes Dewey Decimal wall posters:

  • 60+ mini wall posters designed to be displayed above the corresponding sections in your school library to help your students locate what they’re looking for (or used sequentially as a library wall display)
  • All mini posters include appropriate illustrations to support our lower level readers and speakers to understand the meanings
  • Each class (000-099, 100-199, 200-299 etc) has a sign which displays their number & name (in English) with matching icons
  • Each class is further broken down into divisions (020, 030, 070 etc) which are colour coded to match the class colour.
  • ***PLEASE NOTE*** with the aim of making this resource child friendly, not all 10 hierarchical divisions for each class have been included: e.g. 120 Epistemology & 138 Physiognomy (among others!) have been omitted!
  • If there’s a category/topic/division that’s been omitted, but is of special interest to your students, please let me know – I’m happy to add additional pages to meet your needs.


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