Kiwi Christmas Collaborative Poster (1.7 X 1.2 metres)


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Celebrate the end of year with this iconic symbol of Christmas in Aotearoa – the Pohutukawa!


This Collaborative poster features 32 A4 pages which assemble to make a large wall display (1.7 X 1.2 metres in size)

  • Simply print the pages provided and hand out one piece to each pupil to colour before assembling to create a large poster.
  • This set contains 32 pieces (hopefully no one has a class size larger than that!) In every collaborative poster, some pieces contain more detail than others—you can always hand out detailed pieces first & save the less complicated pieces for the early finishers.
  • You could choose to keep the completed image a secret (only to be revealed once it’s assembled) or share the completed image before starting to help guide their colour choices.


Once your pohutukawa is complete, you can choose from the additional extras included to embellish your tree:

  • The foldable pohutukawa bloom is designed to be completed by each student & contains mini reflection sentences based around the ideas of “Thinking back on 20 ___” & “Looking forward to 20____”. Complete the sentences, colour, cut, fold & add your doubled sided blossom to the tree, or alternatively display around the edges of your poster.
  • This set also includes 18 Kiwi themed ornaments to compliment your collaborative poster. Colour, cut out & paste onto coloured card before adding some glitter & string and attaching to your completed tree.


Perfect to have on hand for early finishers in those last weeks of term…


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