NZ Science Putaiao Collaborative Poster (1.7 X 1.2 metres)


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Review your teaching and learning around the Scientific method with this bold poster! It make a great way to start (or end) a science unit and provides and eye catching reminder of your unit of study.
This Collaborative poster features 32 A4 pages which assemble to make a large wall display (1.7 X 1.2 metres in size)
  • Simply print the pages provided and hand out one piece to each pupil to colour before assembling to create a large poster.
  • This set contains 32 pieces (hopefully no one has a class size larger than that!) In every collaborative poster, some pieces contain more detail than others—you can always hand out detailed pieces first & save the less complicated pieces for the early finishers.
  • You could choose to keep the completed image a secret (only to be revealed once it’s assembled) or share the completed image before starting to help guide their colour choices.
  • This poster features the the words “Science / Pūtaiao” at the top, and an insightful Māori whakataukī at the bottom: “E orea te tuatara ka puta ki waho” (loosely translated to mean: “a problem is solved by persevering, adapting and thinking creatively to find a solution”
  • The centre of the collaborative poster features a variety of scientific implements – a microscope, bunsen burner, beakers, test tubes, a cross section of soil, a jar of insects and fungii, a kete full of NZ medicial plants (kawakawa and kūmarahou) a NZ native bird (tīeke/saddleback) seeds sprouting, a model of a volcano, some crystals and thermometer.
  • A clipboard to the right of the poster features a basic Scientific Method with the words: I am a scientist; I can ask questions; I can research and gather information; I can make a hypothesis; I can conduct an experiment; I can observe and record my results; I can share my sesults and the ask more questions
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