Wellbeing and Te Whare Tapa Wha/Rima Wall Display


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This set of bright labels & wall display contains vocabulary to support your learning and teaching around the topics of physical, emotional, spiritual & mental well being! There’s never been a better time to make this a priority in both your classroom and staffroom…

There are 2 parts to this resource – a wellbeing wall display & worksheets (based on Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā model) and set of wellbeing vocabulary display labels.


Te Whare Tapa Whā/Rima wall display features:

  • 7 A4 pages to print and assemble to create a colourful wall display (please see the PREVIEW for a closer look at this)
  • This features an image of a wharenui in the centre, whenua/land underneath, 4 pillars to display each side (Physical health, family health, emotional/mental wellbeing & spiritual wellbeing)
  • 4 classroom activity worksheets (one to match each pillar) designed to support your classroom discussions & help your students explore each pillar more thoroughly.
  • 2 title banners to choose from – one worded “Te Whare Tapa Whā” and the other “Te Whare Tapa Rima”


32 general wellbeing vocabulary labels:

  • 2 labels per horizontal A4 page
  • All labels include the word in Māori (large font) with the English translation (in small) Each labels includes an appropriate graphic to match the vocabulary
  • Wash, Wash your hands, Wash your face, Brush your teeth, Fasten your seatbelt, Blow your nose, Strong, Happy, Well/fit, Fruit, Vegetables, Doctor, Thirsty, Hungry, Nutrition, Sleep, Be peaceful/friendly, Take a breather/relax, Friend, Make friends with, Rest/pause, Exercise, Be kind, Be patient, Help others, Hobby, Unity, togetherness, collective action, Positive relationships, Reflect upon, Question challenge, Brave capable confident.
  • Māori health model – Te Whare Tapa Whā: Physical health, Spiritual health, Family health, Mental health
  • Māori health model – Te Wheke: The family, Total wellbeing for the individual & family, Spirituality, The mind, Physical wellbeing, Extended family, Life force in people and objects, Unique identity of individuals and family, breath of life from forebearers, The open and healthy expression of emotions
  • Māori health model – Te Pae Mahutonga: Cultural identity, Physical environment, Healthy life style, Participation in society



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