HEAD LICE! {An itchy booklet about nits, cooties and head lice}


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What’s more active at night and only drinks human blood…..? VAMPIRES?! Nope, just head lice!

Need a humorous and non-ostracising way to discuss headlice with your class? If you’ve already sent home far too many ‘nit notices’ this year, maybe a different approach will help. This 28 page ‘fun and facts’ mini booklet is designed to support your classroom discussions about the lousy head louse! It’s full of lots of itchy follow up activities and is perfect for the kids to take home to share with their parents.

Included are: 

• Head lice facts (e.g. Head lice have been found on mummies in Egypt, apparently Cleopatra even had her very own, solid gold lice comb!
• Head lice cannot HOP, JUMP or FLY. They like to CLIMB and SWING. Draw some PICTURES OF head lice climbing and swinging on hair just like Tarzan swinging through the jungle!
• What are head lice called in your area? Nits? Cooties?
• True or false head lice questions (e.g. Teachers, Principals and other adults can catch lead lice)
• Myth busters about head lice (e.g. head lice like to live in hats – FALSE!)
• The life cycle of a head louse
• The number one way to catch head lice is through hair to hair contact. How can you minimise the risks? (e.g change your hair style and identify ‘high risk’ hair touching times)
• Head lice acrostic poem template
• Head lice facts in numbers (e.g. How many eggs can a female head louse lay in her life time?)
• Head lice are the size of sesame seeds! Use a ruler to measure out the length
• Head lice coloring sheet
• 10 head lice challenges (e.g. Find an adult who remembers having nits when they were a child. How did they treat head lice back then? Make a poster to display at your school explaining what you’ve learned about head lice etc.)
• Count the little head lice pictures included the booklet and complete the maths challenge
• Head lice key words recording
• The difference between head LICE and head LOUSE
• Add the vowels to the head lice vocabulary
• What should you do if you catch head lice?
• Head lice word find
• Silly head lice jokes (e.g. Q: What’s a favorite hobby of head lice? A: Nitting!)
• Head lice maze
• What’s the difference between head lice and nits?

I hope reading this didn’t make you feel too itchy! 


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