Kitchen Science {Activities to introduce basic science vocabulary and concepts}


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Unleash some controlled ‘Chaos in the Kitchen’ with these fun activities! This pack is designed to introduce the children to basic Kitchen Science vocabulary and concepts.

This pack contains 10 kitchen science based activities and task cards, which are supported by a fun little work booklet! The children can use the booklet before, during and after their experiments. Vocabulary specifically covered includes: HEAT, COOL, MATERIALS, REVERSE, CHANGE, MIXTURE, LIQUID, SOLID, GAS, REACTION, MELT and DISSOLVE.  Also included: Tips about how best to organize your investigations & a note home requesting parent helpers


30 page Kitchen Chaos Booklet ~ page topics include:

  • A worksheet to match most activity task cards
  • A fact sheet about the difference between dissolving and melting
  • Vocabulary activities and word find
  • Silly food related jokes
  • Kitchen Chaos acrostic poem template
  • 10 food related fun challenges (Learn how to use a measuring cup, spoons and scales; Listen to some popcorn popping! Crouch down small like a kernel and then leap in the air every time you hear a ‘POP!’; Watch some cooking shows on TV! Who is your favorite chef etc.)
  • Kitchen chaos coloring page
  • Vocabulary that scientists use (heat, cool, materials, reverse, change, mixture, liquid, solid, gas, reaction, melt, dissolve)
  • Plus more…



  • All activities use easily available materials
  • The activity cards list the key words that are covered in the activity: they state the key ideas that the activity is designed to reinforce; they include a list of the materials you’ll need to complete the investigation and they tell you what to do!
  • They are designed to be printed, enlarged and laminated and placed at that activity table to use as a quick glance reference chart for your parent helpers. This ensures that the main ideas and target vocabulary are used during the children’s learning experiences.


Activity 1 – Popping corn – key words: Expanding & Reacting

Activity 2 – Making Jelly – key words: Dissolving & Mixing

Activity 3 – Melting ice cubes – key words: Melting & Reversible

Activity 4 – Expanding Bag (with vinegar and baking soda) – key words: Gas, Expanding & Reacting

Activity 5 – Icing cookies – key words: Mixing & Stirring

Activity 6 – Shaking fizzy soda – key words: Gas & Reacting

Activity 7 – Fizzy lemon drink (with baking soda, lemon and sugar) – key words: Dissolving & Reacting

Activity 8 – Making glue (with flour & vinegar) – key words: Mixing & Change

Activity 9 – Mixing solids and liquids – key words: Dissolving & Reacting

Activity 10 Soda geyser, mixing fizzy drink and lollies – key words: Reaction!


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