Manuka {New Zealand Trees Make & Do Activity Pack}


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Did you know that it was Captain Cook and his crew that nick-named the Mānuka tree ‘tea-tree?’

This pack has been assembled to celebrate this amazingly unique native tree! If you’re lucky enough to be teaching or learning in a whanau group/syndicate team/pod or hub which bears its name, then you’re in for a treat.


This Mānuka ‘make & do’ pack includes:

• A set of activity pages that explore some of the unique and important roles of the Manuka tree in our native bush. The completed pages are assembled to create a little freestanding display (would also look great hung with string so they can twirl in the breeze) or they can be stored flat and read like a little book.

• There is a selection of pages included – use as many as 8 or as few as 3!

• Themes covered include: space for making a bark and leaf rubbing of your Manuka; space for sketching the leaves, cones & fruits of this tree; add to the drawing provided to share the story of now Mānuka received its nick-name; add to the tree to show how many other creatures rely on this tree as a habitat/food source; research and share your learning about the historical uses for this tree; complete the fact file with the scientific name, age, height, trunk girth/diameter of the Manuka & where it’s commonly found

• This pack also includes a coloured Mānuka tree fact file containing basic information about its common names, where it’s found, threats & historical use by Māori.

• An ‘I wonder’ task card containing 3 Mānuka themed questions designed to prompt some deeper thinking about this unique tree.

• A coloured Mānuka picture card

• *The foldable activity come with a supporting photograph sequence so you can see how to assemble the pages


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