Maori Weather Labels


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Add some colour to your wall display with these interchangeable Māori weather labels – simply cut out and laminate before letting your students change the word cards for you!

This Māori weather label pack includes: 

• A selection of characters/figures to mix and match with the speech bubble (6 boys & 8 girls)
• 2 versions of the speech bubble to support your class to ask “He aha te huarere?” – “What is the weather?” or “Kei te pēhea te āhua ō te rangi?” – “What is the weather like today” (both in Māori with English translation, and with a Māori only version included)
• All weather labels are included in Māori & English plus Māori only versions
• 20+ weather labels including: hot, warm, clear, fine, dry/drought, wet, lightning, thunder, windy, gusty, stormy, rainbow, raining, raindrops, hailing, cold, cloudy, foggy, snowy and frosty
• All cards include appropriate illustrations and colours to support our lower level readers and speakers to understand the meaning of the label

*CAN’T SEE THE WEATHER PHENOMENON OR THE TRANSLATION USED LOCALLY IN YOUR AREA? Let me know – I’m more than happy to add in labels to meet the needs of your corner of Aotearoa! 


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