My body {Maori & English labels for internal & external body parts}


Our resources are available as INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, no physical resources will be shipped! This is an A4 sized document formatted as a PDF.



These bright, bilingual & colour-coded body labels are a great way to support your health inquiry!

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This set is jam-packed with labels for both external body features, internal system & organs, skeletal labels and links to our Māori world view.  This set includes Wharenui (meeting house) labels that provide connections between our body parts & this unique and intricate building.  The Wharenui is often thought to represent the body of an ancestor and specific parts of the building correspond to parts of the human body.


This set of 80+ body part labels includes:

  • 2 labels per A4 landscape page
  • Each label shows the Māori word in bold with a smaller English translation
  • Each label includes an appropriate illustration to match the word shown
  • There are several versions of the human body included for printing (assemble 4 of the A4 sheets provided to make a large body outline or a full skeleton) You could label these outlines, or get the students to draw their own body parts/internal organs/bones before labeling.
  • 2 A4 printables are included containing 2 black & white human outlines and 2 skeletons (perfect for students to share their learning by drawing in the body parts or adding labels)
  • Does your corner of Aotearoa use a different translation for one of the labels? Have I missed something that’s important to your students? Please let me know, I’m happy to add in additional labels at no extra cost!



Body, nose, head, hair, eye, ear, cheek, chin, neck, mouth, teeth, tongue, lips, chest, shoulder, arm, hip crotch/groin, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, thumb, tummy/stomach, legs, feet, thigh, calf, knee, ankle, back, toes, buttocks



Skeleton, skull, bone, ribs, sternum/breast bone, scapula/shoulder blade, clavicle/collar bone, fibula/calf bone, humerus, tibia, femur/thigh bone, feet bones, hand bones, jaw bone, radius, ulna, spine, vertebrae, pelvis, sacrum



  • Internal system labels – circulatory system, respiratory system, muscular system, digestive system, urinary system, skeletal system, nervous system, male reproductive system, female reproductive system
  • Internal organ labels – brain, heart, lungs, bowel, muscle, small intestines, stomach, liver, kidney

WHARENUI BODY PART LABELS: (Purple & pink labels)

  • Wharenui/ancestor’s body, Marae atea, Tekoteko/carved figure, koruru/head, maihi/arms, raparapa/fingers, tāhuhu/spine, heke/ribs, amo/legs, poutokomanawa/heart, roro/brain


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