NZ Music Month Collaborative Poster (1.7 X 1.2 metres)


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Are you looking for a display for your school’s music room, or maybe celebrating NZ Music Month? This bold poster is the perfect way to add a bit of interest and liven up your learning space.


This Collaborative poster features 32 A4 pages which assemble to make a large wall display (1.7 X 1.2 metres in size)


  • Simply print the pages provided and hand out one piece to each pupil to colour before assembling to create a large poster.
  • This set contains 32 pieces (hopefully no one has a class size larger than that!) In every collaborative poster, some pieces contain more detail than others—you can always hand out detailed pieces first & save the less complicated pieces for the early finishers.
  • You could choose to keep the completed image a secret (only to be revealed once it’s assembled) or share the completed image before starting to help guide their colour choices.
  • This poster features a central NZ Music Month symbol, with the words “NZ Music” & “Waiata mai, sing to me!” This is surrounded by young people playing a variety of instruments and images showing the progression of musical technology from phonograph to MP3 players.


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