Positive Wings colouring sheet and eye-spy


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Colouring in is a great mindfulness activity that supports relaxation, fine motor skills and improves focus. This one page colouring sheet is jam packed full of little details. There’s also lots of rich language to be included when researching and describing the images—the A3 image makes a great collaborative buddy activity. Enjoy!

This 1 page colouring sheet image includes:

  • Positive Wings! This uplifting image features a set of feathery wings with positive words surrounding them (strong, enthusiastic, empathetic, courageous, curious, patient, skilled, loyal, kind, bold, creative, confident, respectful, alert, hospitable, joyful, positive, hopeful, resilient, loving, grateful, honest, reliable, calm, playful, happy, relaxed, generous, centred, active & imaginative) plus a space between the wings to fit a ‘head and shoulders’ image of a child.
  • Cut out around a photo (or drawing) of each child before gluing onto the sheet to further personalise the picture

This 1 page ‘Positive Wings’ themed colouring page is included in 3 variations:

  1. A plain colouring page
  2. A colouring page surrounded by eye-spy, mini-challenges that they can tick off as they complete the colouring sheet (e.g. – What qualities best describe you? Use some of the words included in a sentence to compliment a friend; Add some to make the colours in your image ‘pop!’ etc)
  3. A colouring page with blank eye-spy boxes (so you can personalise and add your own challenges – see the editable version notes below)

This resource is included in 3 formats:

  • An A4 PDF file
  • An A3 PDF file (A3 is perfect for completing with a buddy as a collaborative ‘find, chat & colour’ activity)
  • An editable Power Point file: Add specific eye-spy challenges or tasks to better meet the needs of your little learners. You could even leave a few blank so the children can write a challenge for a friend! ***YOU WILL NEED POWER POINT TO BE ABLE TO OPEN AND ACCESS THE EDITABLE FILE***


This resource also comes as a 32 piece, 1.7 X 1.2 metre collaborative poster – click here to take a peek!


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