Maori Days of the Week – Nga Ra o te Wiki


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Jazz up the date at the top of your whiteboard with these interchangeable Māori days of the week – simply cut out and laminate before letting your students change the day cards for you!

This ngā rā o te wiki (days of the week) pack includes: 

  • A selection of characters/figures to mix and match with the speech bubble (6 boys & 6 girls)
  • 2 versions of the speech bubble to support your class to ask “Ko te aha tēnei rā?” – “What day is this?” (one in Māori with English translation, the other in Māori only) *Also includes ‘what day was yesterday?’ and ‘what day will it be tomorrow?’ labels in a similar format
  • The ‘Modern Māori’ version of the days of the week: Rāhina, Rātū, Rāapa, Rāpere, Rāmere, Rāhoroi & Rātapu) *In both Māori with English translations and Māori only.
  • The older version of the days of the week; Kupu arotau – loan words: Mane, Tūrei, Wenerei, Tāite, Paraire, Hātarai, Rātapu/Hanarei. *In Māori with English Translation and Māori only.
  • The preferred Taranaki kupu for Saturday & Sunday: Rāhoronuku & Rāhororangi. *In both Māori only and English & Māori labels.
  • This resource also contains a selction of additional alternate Māori translations for each day of the week – e.g. Thursday = Rāwha, Tairei & Taitei.
  • *An English version with the following options is also included: English wording in large (Māori translation in small with both Modern Māori and Loan words included) plus an English only version.


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