Rona and the Moon {Storytelling Images}


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This storytelling image resource celebrates one of our most well known and loved Māori legends – Rona & the Moon!


This set of illustrations can be used in a variety of ways – simply print, cut & laminate your set of pictures then:


  • Glue small magnets on the back or attach blue tac. You can then move, add & layer the images on your white board as you retell the story with the kids. (*Simple storytelling card with suggested illustrations and sequence is also included)
  • Add the illustrations to a wall display—the kids could add their own images to match.
  • You could create speech and thought bubbles to share what the characters in the story are experiencing
  • Add the illustrations to your reading tumble! They could be used to support the retelling or acting out of this myth, to re-sequence the story or inspire some writing or art work
  • The images included are designed to overlap and fit together as the story progresses.



  • Rona – one version with an angry face, one with a happy face, one with a surprised face (as she’s being pulled into the sky) plus one of her in a round moon format holding her tahā and ngaio tree
  • Rona’s husband – one version with an angry face, one with a peaceful face and one of his back (to use at the end of the story when he’s gazing up at the moon)
  • Marama the Moon – one version with a peaceful face, one with an angry face and detachable arms to use for when it’s time to reach down to grab Rona
  • Props to set the scene: 2 back drops with a fire, a whare, a bed with mats, tahā (water containers) spilt water, ngaio tree with roots, clouds



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