Sun Safety – fun and safe in the sun booklet


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Getting ready for a hot summer? Make sure your kids don’t sizzle like sausages on a BBQ by reviewing how to stay ‘SUN SAFE!’

This 44 page booklet will reinforce and support your classroom discussions about sun safety – start and end the year with some fun in the sun…


Page themes include:

  • Hats – which hats are sun safe and which are not?
  • Sun safe vocabulary activities (add the vowels to make the words; order the words alphabetically)
  • Let’s have a close look at your sunscreen – what is the SPF? Can you read any of the ingredients? How often does it need to be re-applied?
  • Sun facts in numbers (e.g. how hot is the surface of the sun? How many planet Earths would fit inside the sun? etc)
  • Use the global map to show which countries are experiencing Summer and which are experiencing winter
  • Make hay while the sun shines! Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve this summer?
  • What times of the day are the rays from the sun the strongest?
  • Draw a picture of yourself being sun safe (includes a list of prompts to tick off as they draw)
  • Measure your shadows throughout the day with a piece of string…what do you notice?
  • 10 summer challenges to tick off (how many licks does it take you to eat a single scoop ice cream? The average is 50!)
  • Summer word find
  • How much water are you drinking? Why is it important to drink lots of water in summer?
  • Summer maze
  • Glue a photo of your head into your booklet and then draw on some sun safe glasses!
  • How do you stay sun safe at the beach?
  • What do the indigenous peoples of your land call the sun? Can you find books in your school library written by indigenous authors about the sun? Who could you ask to find out more about the importance on the sun to your indigenous peoples? (*Māori specific version plus a general page just in case you live in another part of the world)
  • Add to the hat and T-shirt outlines to make them more sun-safe. Decorate to suit your personal style!
  • Fill in the gaps page (e.g. “In my country the months of summer are……..”)
  • Yummy summer food facts (Did you know that the ice pop/ ice block was accidently invented in 1905 by an 11 year old boy?!)
  • Sunscreen can/has/is graphic organiser
  • Name 3 people who…. (have had swimming lessons; who can tell you where a shady spot to sit is; who put sunscreen on this morning etc.)
  • Silly summer jokes
  • Rhyme time! Write a silly poem based around the rhyming words of FUN and SUN
  • Things to think about – what could be done at your school to provide more shade etc.
  • Use a dictionary to find the meanings of some ‘sun themed’ words (solar, ultraviolet etc.)
  • Where’s your favourite shady place to relax?
  • Draw some creative sun safe hat onto the heads
  • What do you most love about summer?
  • Make a map of the areas you like to play in and mark the most sun safe places with a thumbs up
  • Sun safety facts- true or false questions
  • Summer themed coloring pages and blank writing recording sheets
  • Sun safe acrostic poem template


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