Art Room Object labels


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Add some more vibrancy to the Art room with this bright set of labels! There are three sets included – Art supplies/object labels, Art verbs & Artistic career pathways.

  • 2 versions: one bilingual Māori/English label option; one English only
  • 2 labels per horizontal A4 page – just print 2 to a page when printing for smaller labels.
  • All labels include an appropriate illustration
1) Art Supplies/ object labels:
  • Paint, paint brush, mixing tray, crayon, pastel, dye, canvas, printing press, print, paper, scissors, sink, stapler, paper mache, markers, color/colour pencils, easel, utility knife, wearable art, sticky tape/sellotape, watercolour/watercolor, gloves, safety glasses, art folder/folio, frame, computer, wire, pencil case/box, figure/mannequin, colour/color wheel, tablet, stylus, tool box, apron, sharpener, glue, radio, workbench, pencil, glitter, craft supplies, string/wool/yarn, charcoal, stamps, ruler, ink, clay, kiln, potter’s wheel, clay tools, glaze, rubber/eraser, clipboard, abstract, chalk, spray paint, brayer/roller, whiteboard, art trolley, cupboard, primary colour/color, secondary colour/color, complimentary colour/color, black, grey, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple.
2) Art verbs:
  • Paint, brush, smudge, create, cut, rip, critique, glue, collage, be inspired, blend, smear, weave, sketch, scrape, doodle, plan, experiment, twist & thread
3) Artistic career pathways labels:
  • Architect, artist, photographer, inventor, designer, jeweller, weaver, carver, cake decorator, illustrator, painter, interior designer, graphic designer, gallery assistant, sculptor & potter


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